How To Get The Most out Of Your Massage

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Whether you are a massage aficionado or new to the world of body work, we want you to have the best experience possible at Mecca Gym + Spa. Part of this is helping to educate our clients not only on our treatments, but about the why behind body work.

At Mecca, our licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians offer several different services. We are here to break our spa menu down for you, and this week we’ll start by comparing our Mecca Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and our Massage Grande.

What is a Mecca Massage?
This is our signature massage: a Swedish massage with long smooth strokes circular motions on superficial layers of muscles.  This massage is relaxing and pampering using light to medium pressure. 

This massage is available to book in 30, 50, or 80 minute increments.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?
Using medium to firm pressure, our Deep Tissue Massage utilizes much of the same strokes that are used in our Mecca Massage, but the movements are slower and the pressure is deeper. Deep tissue can also focus on a specific problem such as chronic muscle tension, pain or injury.

This massage is available to book in 30, 50, or 80 minute increments.

What is a Massage Grande?
Featuring the same strokes as our Mecca Massage and Deep Tissue massage, This 90-minute service is extra long, paying more attention to foot and scalp. We top this service off with a light tea service accompanied by a sweet treat. Think of it as a massage with a cherry on top. This service is available as either Swedish or Deep Tissue.

During any of our massages, our therapists will communicate with you both before and during to achieve the right amount of pressure.

What should I book?
If you are new to massage, we recommend either a 50 or 80-minute Mecca Massage. In your first session you will get a great experience of where to start when it comes to body work. Communication is welcomed, so if you need more pressure or have problem areas that you’d like your therapist to address, please say so. We are here to make sure you leave feeling better than you did when you walked through the door.

For those new to deep tissue massage, know that this type of service is effective in relieving tension, but at times can be not as calming and relaxing as the traditional Swedish massage. It is not uncommon to be sore the day after a deep tissue massage. We recommend booking a deep tissue service for those that are experiencing muscle tightness or fatigue, especially from sport or other forms of exercise.

If you have the time in your schedule to book a Massage Grande, we highly recommend it, whether you are requesting Swedish or deep tissue. When you begin a massage, your muscles are usually tight. It takes time and work to warm these muscles up and ‘melt’ away the fascia in your body. Know that the more time your therapist has to work with your muscles and ligaments, the deeper they will be able to go in relaxation of both your mind and your body.

Not sure what to book? Give us a call or email us and our helpful front desk staff can assist you in finding the right therapist and service to fit your needs.