Bodywork vs. Massage


A massage can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and leave you blissed out for days. As a more utilitarian approach to touch therapy, Bodywork is different.

Mobility after injury or surgery, chronic pain, stiff, or tight muscles that require deep stretching— this is bodywork and it’s very necessary. Muscle manipulation is incredibly beneficial and essential. We have some of the best therapists in Austin with advanced education, specialized experience, and unique abilities. 

If you are athletic, an hour of stretching in ways you cannot stretch yourself is incredibly effective. Trigger point therapy aids in mobility. If you are recovering from an injury or have a chronic issue, bodywork is critical. While we incorporate bodywork into many of our massages, a session or series of sessions that focus solely on bodywork should be part of any recovery. 

Consider this: In addition to ‘treating yourself’ to a massage as a way to reward your hard work, start thinking about Bodywork as a way to effectively maintain your lifestyle. 

Bodywork is done in a well lit room, and requires communication between you and your therapist throughout the session. Wear light clothing. We suggest arriving early to steam as this can help loosen your muscles before beginning.

jennifer andrews